Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nail Of The Day ❤ Pastel Tips

Hiyaaa guys!
  Today's nail art design is pastel tips. 

I think these nails look really quirky and cute for summer. They're really simple to do (if you want a tutorial let me know). I got so many complements on this look! The colours I used were - Mua 'natural days' (pink), 'pistachio - ice cream' (mint), 'shade 24' (purple) and Miss sporty - I'm not sure the colour - (yellow).

   Tell me your favourite nail polish right now in the comments! Thanks for reading, -Em, xoxo 

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

   I am obsessed with Instagram! I spend waaaaay too much time trying to take the prettiest picture and editing perfectly, which is pretty silly I know but I really love doing it. So for today's post I thought I would show you guys how I take my pictures, what apps I use and how they work. Lets get started!

This is my Instagram - @emma_irving (shameless shout out)

If you follow me you can tell all my photos have a certain theme hahah.

   First off to take my pictures I use my camera, not my iPhone one, I know that kind of defeats the purpose of the app but whatever I like my pictures looking nice quality haha. I get the pictures on my phone by emailing them to myself. The camera I use is the Pentax Optio RZ18, which is the same camera I use to take my pictures for here. I really like it, it isn't a very expensive camera but it really is amazing quality. 

I always take my pictures whether its my nails or a drink on a white bed throw, I think it just looks more clean and pretty. 

   The main types of pictures I take are of my nails such as - 

With all my pictures I like to brighten them all, I think it just makes them look more fresh and clean I use this app - 

You go to edit, select your picture, adjust then select brightness, I normally drag it to 15/20.

After I do this I save it then use this app -

Whitagram adds a white border on you picture to make it fit to the size of the Instagram square, I use this on all my pictures. 

After that I am done and I uploaded it straight to Instagram, also I never use any of the Instagram filters. 

   I also love posting outfit pictures I do this in two ways, first I make a collage using this app -

This is my all time favourite collage app it has soo many options I love it!

I love when you upload pictures it show you where it will place each photo.

It also allows you to change the roundness, margin size, the spacing, add shadow and change the size of each picture. 

Also you can add a background colour, add text and put in a sticker. 

I also add outfit photos by making my mirror picture a reflection. I use this app -

This app is really simple to use, you upload a picture and select the back to back right angled triangles and just choose one then your picture reflects!

That is all the ways I edit pictures for Instagram, I hope you have learned about some new apps and try them out. All these apps are free and really easy to use. If you have any app suggestions you think I should try out leave them in the comments. Also leave your Instagram's below for me to check out!
   Thank you, Bye!!! - Em, xoxo

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Phone Case Collection

Hiyaaa, today I thought I would show you guys my Iphone 4s case collection. Now I will admit I do have quite a few cases but please note they're mainly all around £2 from Ebay and I have bought them over the past 16 months. My cases are to make my phone look cute (yeah...) not really to protect my phone as I am pretty careful and protective over my phone, I know in a previous post I said my phone was broken but that is purely a hardware fault nothing I have done.
   Like I said many come from Ebay and are pretty cheap but also note that they do come from Hong Kong or China so do take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Lets get started shall we?

This first one is probably one of my favourites. It is mint green and looks like ice cream, how perfect? This one is available here

This next one I just thought was so cute! The material is more of a jelly feel than a hard plastic and you can get it here.

These two were only 99p each so I got them in my favourite colours. These are just so adorable, but be careful when you take them off because the little heart around the camera can snap. They are also available in a wide variety of colours and you can find them here.

Who had the classic Game Boy? I know I did! These cases are so retro and fun. If you'd like to have a touch of nostalgia then pick this case up here! 

I thought this case was really interesting with all the Aztec prints and different colours, get it here (I can't find my exact one). 

This is a phone bumper, which means it just clips around the sides of you phone and does not cover the back. If you're one to drop your phone regularly then I would not recommend this because it will not protect you phone at all. If you want this cute case click here.

These cases are just classic colour cases with the Iphone apple and text on the back. These are available in so many colours, you can check them out here.

Now these aren't cases but I thought I'd add them in here because they're so cool. These are replacement backs for you Iphone, so if you have the black or white phone and want to change it up a bit then try out these. They're super easy to put on your phone all you do it unscrew the little screws at the bottom of your Iphone (they come with a screwdriver), when they're out slide up the back of your phone and it will just lift up, place your colourful phone back on the back of your phone and slide down then just screw it into place. I would do a little tutorial with pictures if I had my phone, if anyone would be interested in seeing that when I get my phone back comment below. I know you can buy the fronts in these colours as well but I don't trust myself taking apart my Iphone. They are available in black and white also so would be great if you've dropped your phone and smashed the back, instead of getting it repaired at apple do it yourself for only £5. You can get them here or search 'Iphone back glass'.

This is my purse but it is made to fit your Iphone in it! This is so handy as I can just take this and not need to worry about having to wear clothes with pockets in them as I can just carry my phone in here. Plus it's in mint green and you all know how I feel about that colour. They're available in other colours too, found here, this isn't the exact one I have but is cheaper and bigger.

Again this is a little purse type case, it fits your bank cards in it and your phone! The lining in the inside is such a pretty pattern. I got mine over a year ago so I can't find this exact one but similar ones are here

This was my Christmas case, it was just really cute and I wanted one to fit the season. I can't find this exact one any more but if you're interested in buying one for this year search 'Christmas Iphone cases' on Ebay . 

This case was for my Christmas dance at school to add a bit of sparkle and this one can be bought here.




As well as the colour mint green I'm also obsessed with pandas, in case you couldn't tell from my last post. The last one in the pictures is my absolute favourite. They places they can be found are all linked under the pictures.  

My other love is Instagram so I only thought it was right I bought this case. I got it from Etsy and this is one of my more expensive cases. 


Watermelon is so yum and this case is perfect for summer. I got it from this website and like my Ebay ones it did take 2-3 weeks to come. Check out the cases on this site because they're inexpensive and cute.

This phone bumper was a gift but I do believe it's available from accessories but I can't find it online.

I'm not really sure why but this came free with one of my Ebay cases, it is very bright and perfect for summer. I did look it up and it can be bought here.

   Yay so that is them all, I hope you enjoyed seeing my different cases and if you have any favourite cases or cases you'd think I'd like leave the link in the comments. 
   Thank you and goodbyeee! - Em, xoxo 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Nail Of The Day ♥ Fashion Ave Fuchsia

   Today's NOTD is a colour from New York Color in 'Fashion Ave Fuchsia'. 

I love the brand New York Colour so much! These nail polishes are only £1.75 from Superdrug, I rediscovered this colour today! I have tried out many of these nail polishes and they are such good value for the price. This colour is so beautiful, it is a fuchsia/hot pink colour and has the most gorgeous pink shimmer in it with a purple/blue undertone. These nail polishes claim to dry 'In a New York Color minute' and they sure do! They take less than a minute to dry which is so pleasant, this is definitely a polish to use when you're in a rush. It was super sunny today and the sun made the polish look so pretty, the sun picked up the shimmer in this polish and it looked stunning! This is definitely a summer nail polish.

I really do love this colour and New York Color is a brand you should really try out!
   I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this nail polish and let me know if you've tried any of the New York Colour products let me know what your favourite product from their line is!
  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, Goodbyeeee! -Em, xoxo

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Outfit Of The Day ♥ Panda & Pastel

Hiyaaa! I love fashion and seeing what other people are wearing so I thought I'd start posting outfits of the day to show you guys what kind of things I wear.

   This is the outfit I wore to a family dinner - 

Lets ignore my awkward poses

I really wanted to wear my panda blazer which I completely adore. I got it from Primark in the sale a few months ago so it may no longer be available but if you search Panda Blazer on Ebay there may be some for sale.

 I love pandas so much! I love wearing this blazer any time I can, it was such a bargain at £6/8.
   I wanted to add a pop of pastel which is perfect for spring, I went with my lovely mint jeans from boohoo.com, I bought these last year so they're no longer on the website but they do have some similar ones  here. They're so soft and comfortable which I love because I can't stand wear really itchy, uncomfortable jeans. 
   My white crop top is long sleeved, It is from Primark and was only £2-4, sorry I can't remember the exact prices. It was pretty sunny out so I thought I'd make the outfit look more summery with the crop top.
   Oh and for shoes I wore my black Converse!

For my bag I used my panda one from here.

Panda Overload?!?

This bag is really inexpensive, It is pretty big inside and you will be able to definitely be able to fit a lot in it. 

My nails - 

Ciate - Mojito

I love this colour! It is almost a neon green which is amazing. It's such a different colour and creates a really earthy feel to the outfit.

 I also got a Starbucks when I was out, Mocha Frap is my new favourite it's so yummy!

That is everything I wore! I hope you enjoyed this type of post and hopefully I will make more soon!
   Also my Iphone is currently broken so it is in the process of getting repaired, when I have it back I'll be able to edit my photos a lot better and post more on Instagram!
   Any questions or anything like that leave in the comments or message me on tumblr.

Thank you for reading, Goodbyeee!

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