Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

   I am obsessed with Instagram! I spend waaaaay too much time trying to take the prettiest picture and editing perfectly, which is pretty silly I know but I really love doing it. So for today's post I thought I would show you guys how I take my pictures, what apps I use and how they work. Lets get started!

This is my Instagram - @emma_irving (shameless shout out)

If you follow me you can tell all my photos have a certain theme hahah.

   First off to take my pictures I use my camera, not my iPhone one, I know that kind of defeats the purpose of the app but whatever I like my pictures looking nice quality haha. I get the pictures on my phone by emailing them to myself. The camera I use is the Pentax Optio RZ18, which is the same camera I use to take my pictures for here. I really like it, it isn't a very expensive camera but it really is amazing quality. 

I always take my pictures whether its my nails or a drink on a white bed throw, I think it just looks more clean and pretty. 

   The main types of pictures I take are of my nails such as - 

With all my pictures I like to brighten them all, I think it just makes them look more fresh and clean I use this app - 

You go to edit, select your picture, adjust then select brightness, I normally drag it to 15/20.

After I do this I save it then use this app -

Whitagram adds a white border on you picture to make it fit to the size of the Instagram square, I use this on all my pictures. 

After that I am done and I uploaded it straight to Instagram, also I never use any of the Instagram filters. 

   I also love posting outfit pictures I do this in two ways, first I make a collage using this app -

This is my all time favourite collage app it has soo many options I love it!

I love when you upload pictures it show you where it will place each photo.

It also allows you to change the roundness, margin size, the spacing, add shadow and change the size of each picture. 

Also you can add a background colour, add text and put in a sticker. 

I also add outfit photos by making my mirror picture a reflection. I use this app -

This app is really simple to use, you upload a picture and select the back to back right angled triangles and just choose one then your picture reflects!

That is all the ways I edit pictures for Instagram, I hope you have learned about some new apps and try them out. All these apps are free and really easy to use. If you have any app suggestions you think I should try out leave them in the comments. Also leave your Instagram's below for me to check out!
   Thank you, Bye!!! - Em, xoxo

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