Friday, 17 May 2013

Nail Of The Day ♥ Caviar - Prom Queen

Hiya there!

 I know Caviar nails were so last year hahah but I just rediscovered my love for them! 

I have 3/4 of these caviar polishes that I got in the Ciate advent calendar and this one is my favourite! This is one is called 'Prom Queen' and the name could not be more perfect. Speaking of prom this design would be perfect for prom, It's such a fun, sparkly, beautiful design. It contains little beads which are purple, pink, blue and has little glitter specks in it, again it would be perfect for prom as the colours would be able to fit in with most dress or shoe colour. 

Doing this nail art is really easy and simple, the little beads can get everywhere but! I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on how to do it!

Firstly I painted my nails pink, I tried using a Ciate on in 'Cutie Pie' but it was just far too sheer and streaky - 

So I used my trusty MUA pink in 'Natural Days', I'm so obsessed with it haha!

While your second coat is still wet you apply the Caviar beads. I recommend when you pour the beads on your nail you do it in a plastic container, just to so they don't go everywhere.

Pour them on your nails like so, then pat them down onto the nail and then shake off the excess.

The caviar comes with a little filter so you can pour the excess beads back into the bottle to use again.

Yes it is as simple as that! Just finish by adding a top coat to the tip of your nails, don't add it on top of the whole nail covering the caviar or it will just take away the look of the nail.

The beads do ping off through out the day, but they'd be perfect to wear to an evening out or a party!

And that is it I am such a huge fan of this design and think it looks super pretty!

Goodbye!! - Em xoxo 

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