Sunday, 19 May 2013

Outfit Of The Day ♥ Panda & Pastel

Hiyaaa! I love fashion and seeing what other people are wearing so I thought I'd start posting outfits of the day to show you guys what kind of things I wear.

   This is the outfit I wore to a family dinner - 

Lets ignore my awkward poses

I really wanted to wear my panda blazer which I completely adore. I got it from Primark in the sale a few months ago so it may no longer be available but if you search Panda Blazer on Ebay there may be some for sale.

 I love pandas so much! I love wearing this blazer any time I can, it was such a bargain at £6/8.
   I wanted to add a pop of pastel which is perfect for spring, I went with my lovely mint jeans from, I bought these last year so they're no longer on the website but they do have some similar ones  here. They're so soft and comfortable which I love because I can't stand wear really itchy, uncomfortable jeans. 
   My white crop top is long sleeved, It is from Primark and was only £2-4, sorry I can't remember the exact prices. It was pretty sunny out so I thought I'd make the outfit look more summery with the crop top.
   Oh and for shoes I wore my black Converse!

For my bag I used my panda one from here.

Panda Overload?!?

This bag is really inexpensive, It is pretty big inside and you will be able to definitely be able to fit a lot in it. 

My nails - 

Ciate - Mojito

I love this colour! It is almost a neon green which is amazing. It's such a different colour and creates a really earthy feel to the outfit.

 I also got a Starbucks when I was out, Mocha Frap is my new favourite it's so yummy!

That is everything I wore! I hope you enjoyed this type of post and hopefully I will make more soon!
   Also my Iphone is currently broken so it is in the process of getting repaired, when I have it back I'll be able to edit my photos a lot better and post more on Instagram!
   Any questions or anything like that leave in the comments or message me on tumblr.

Thank you for reading, Goodbyeee!

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