Monday, 6 May 2013

Pastel Nail Art


   Today I thought I'd share a nail tutorial I created based on a picture I saw on tumblr. I'm not really sure what this nail art should be called hence the boring title hahah! I am also hopeless at explaining things so bare with me.

Okay so for this you will need - 

A base coat nail polish - I'm using MUA 'Top Clear Coat'
A white nail polish - I'm using Barry M 'Matt White'
Any colour's and combination of your choice - I've chosen to use pastel colours by MUA in 'Natural Days' (Pink) and 'Pistachio Ice Cream' (Mint)
Also you will need something with a point, such as a tooth pick - I don't have them so I'm using pins
Plus a piece of card or plastic to put your nail polish on 

First step is to paint your nails all white, you many need two coats depending on what brand you use. 

Wait for that to dry then put a small bit of your first polish on your piece of card/plastic, only use a small bit because you don't want it to dry out and have to waste a lot of product,

Let this sit for 1-2 minutes to go slightly tacky (kind of half dry and 'stringy'). When this happens simply take your toothpick or pin and get some polish on the tip then drag/glide it over the tip of your nail, the polish should create uneven/stringy lines on the nail.

 After doing that you should get this, the lines don't have to be perfect it just adds to the look!

Next repeat this step with the next colour, for me this will be pink - 

Leaving you with this -

Now repeat this until you reach the end of your nails alternating the colours - 

Your final outcome should look something like this - 

And that is it! This is such an easy and fast nail art. I think it is such a cool, unique design. You can change up the colours and order anyway you want I've also done it using rainbow colours which is my favourite - 

If you do try this upload it to Instagram and tag #mbnails, I'd love to see them!

Thank youuu for reading and I hope this is easy understand, but if you do have any questions message me on tumblr or comment below. 

Byeeee xoxo - Em



  1. That's a cool idea, might have to try this on my nails :) x


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