Wednesday, 1 May 2013

     So I've mentioned in previous posts I'm going to Madrid in June so I have been on the hunt for some summer clothes. I recently discovered Tobi which is an American clothing site which has such lovely clothes. When you sign up you can receive 50% off your first order which is amazing! I live in the UK so when I placed my order I didn't expect it to come for 3-4 weeks but to my surprise it came in just over a week, although it did get stopped in customs and I got charged (darn it), But I was so happy with the speedy delivery. 
           So here are some of the items I got and little reviews on each.

Firstly, this dress is the main reason I ordered off this site,

 This is the Barbell Dress, this dress is so unique and gorgeous, it will be perfect for an evening. The bar detailing gives the dress such an edgy look. I seriously can't wait to wear this!

The next item is this Embellish Me Shift Dress

This is such a simple cream dress, that is super lightweight so will be prefect for the hot weather! The golden sequin shoulders really make the dress look more dressy and glamours! The only fault is this dress is pretty sheer even though it has a under skirt, so I think I may have to purchase a white slip to wear underneath.

The next dress I got is this 

This lovely dress is called the Linus Zig Zag Shift Dress, I got this because I fell in love with the colours and pattern of this dress. I am pretty short (4ft11-ish)  so this hangs quite low so I think I may need to get this altered, but I think this is going to look so nice in the sun shine!

I love the colour mint green, so this dress is pretty perfect for me.

This is the most perfect sun dress and it is the Taking Back Summer Dress. I love the way the strips go in a different direction along the sides, It is such a cool pattern. The dress fits perfectly and the skirt is a very skater style skirt.

Next I got the Square One Tank Dress II and I love this pretty peach colour.

Basically I adore the way this dress looks and the style of it. The dress is fitted at the waist which really gives it some shape. The top is a V - cut which is different from any style of dress I normally wear, but I'm really happy with the way this sits.

Phew!! That was a lot of dresses, so I only got two other pieces of clothing, a top and a skirt.

The top I got is a bralet called Dot Angeles Bustier Top 

I really do love the style and fit of this, the lace panels at the side give it such a cute, girly look. I really can't wait to see how I style this.

The last thing I got was this beautiful skirt

This is the Cabrillo Skirt I have to say this is my favourite item I purchased, mainly because it is such good quality. The fit of it is perfect and I can not wait to wear this in summer.

Okay! hahah that was pretty long but I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the items I purchased from Tobi! I do apologise for the pictures, they're not the best I know but I've linked all of the items if you would like to go look at them better. I am going to make a post in June about how I style and wear all of these items in Spain.

Thank you for reading, Byeeeee!! xoxo


  1. The first dress has to be my favourite along with the red lace bralet! :) xx

  2. I just ordered the embellish me shift dress in navy. I'm 5'1" so I ordered an xs, and I was wondering how the length was on the dress? Thanks!

    1. I think I got an xs too and it hit just above the knee (in 4ft11) I wanted it altered but the lady took 9" off it be mistake(ugh) so now it's a tshirt haha but I think it should just hit above the knee/mid thigh! x


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