Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Clothing Haul

Hiya guys!

   I love seeing what other people are buying and I recently went shopping for some more clothes for Madrid so I thought I'd show you what I got.

Primark - 

I love Primark for their really inexpensive tops so I picked up a few 

I love Primarks crop tops because they're such good value for money! Just basic tops that are easy to style.

I also picked up some graphic ones 

The lady that served me in Forever 21 had this on and I fell in love! It is so adorable.

I thought this was pretty cool so I got it hahah 

For only £5 I thought that was a bargain for such a pretty summer dress, I love summer dresses because they're so easy and you don't need to spend ages planning your outfit.

Forever 21 - 

For me Forever 21 can be such a hit or miss, I sometimes find such cute bargains and sometimes leave empty handed, but today I found such cute things!

How cute is this?! I am in love. The back on this is so adorable, it's such nice detailing. Also this was so inexpensive for such a good quality crop top. I was so happy when I found this.

Again, I am in love. These shorts are going to look so cute with the previous top. I think they were such a good price for F21 shorts. The lace detailing is really sweet and they are such a pretty colour for summer.

I also picked up this basic bikini top because I will be going to a water park on holiday. I just loved this simple top. It also contains a strap to make it into a halter neck.

I thought this was £3.75 but on my receipt it says £1.00, I'm not sure what happened there but £1.00 is even better! I really love the colour of this, it is on of them accessories that can just brighten up a simple outfit.

H&M - 

I was after a plain black body con dress and somebody recommend checking out the basics section in H&M and I found this. I love it, it is so simple and not too expensive. I can't wait to play around styling things with this.

Ahhh! This colour is perfect. I really like the shape of these, most sunglasses don't suit my face but I liked the way these fit. I really want to find the mint green or black pair because I heard they do them too!

That's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing what kind of clothes I have bought over the past month for summer. If anyone would be interested I will post pictures of my day and night outfits for Madrid (which I already have planned out hahah)

Thanks for reading, Emma xoxo  

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