Sunday, 2 June 2013

May Favourites

   Since it is now June (wait what!?!) I would share some of the things I've been enjoying this month. I haven't been buying any new products this month because I'm saving to buy some new make up for Madrid (please leave any good make up suggestions below) but I have discovered some products I had in my collection that I really love!

   Make up favourites -

My first make up favourite which is a blush - 

It is this beautiful pink from Sleek in 'Pixie Pink', I received this blush in a Glossybox a few months ago and I absolutely love it! It gives my cheeks the prettiest colour to them. It is really pigmented and does last quite a long time on my face which is amazing!

Next is a mascara - 

This is also another product I got in a Glossybox. This is the 'Fat Cat' mascara by MeMeMe and it is completely fabulous. This makes my lashes really voluminous just like what it claims to do. I really makes them look thick and pretty long. It last all day, the only con is it does sometimes smudge but not too much. 

Next is the EOS lip balm - 

Oh my these things are incredible! They are so moisturising, I love putting them on before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning my lips feel like velvet. As you may be able to tell the mint one (green) is my favourite! These are definitely my favourite lip balms ever.

Another lip favourite is the lush lip scrub - 

This is the lip scrub in 'Sweet Lips', this tastes like chocolate and vanilla. This stuff really smooths out your lips and makes them nice and even before applying lipstick. It gets rid of any cracks in your lip and I just love it.

Skincare - 

First for skin care is this - 

This is just what it says, a mist that is super moisturising. It is a multi-purpose mist that can be used in your hair or on the skin and I've been loving it on both. I apply it to the dry ends of my hair and my hair feels super soft and hydrated after using it. I have really been enjoying using it when I'm out in the sun, the sun can make my skin really dry but this rehydrates it and is really refreshing. The scent smells beach-y, haha I'm not sure how to describe it but it does smell good and really fresh for summer.

Next is my Nip + Fab body butter -

Ahhhh this product is incredible! It is really moisturising and smells incredible. I love using this after I've been exposed to the sun all day, it really moisturises my skin and makes it really hydrated. It smells so yummy like a fruity yoghurt, delicious. I am really trying to savour this as I don't want it to run out, but I will be purchasing this in a big size.

Hair -

My one and only hair product this month is a hairspray - 

It is the TRESemme Salon Finish in Extra Hold. This stuff can sure hold a curl! It is so long lasting and smells really nice.

Nails - 

This is a nail varnish by Ciate in 'Jelly Bean'. This is such a pretty colour, it's a hot pink but not neon with a slight blue glitter to it which looks really pretty sparkling in the sun. I love Ciate nail varnish they don't chip easily and they dry really fast.

Fashion - 

Fashion favourite are these wedges - 

These black wedged booties are probably my favourite shoes ever! They are from Ebay, they weren't that expensive but they such good value for money. They are so comfy and I can wear them for hours and not get sore feet. They can be dressed down or dressed up depending on what you wear with them.

 Random - 

Favourite song - 'Made in the USA' by Demi Lovato.

Favourite Movie - 'The Great Gatsby', oh my this movie was incredible, definitely worth the watch!

Favourite Drink - The 'Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap' from Starbucks is so yummy 

Favourite TV show - 'Once Upon A Time' is such a fantastic series, if you've not already go watch it!

   Yay! That is all the things I've been loving this month, I hope you enjoyed reading this and leave me comments letting me know your favourites from last month.
   - Em, xoxo

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