Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nail Of The Day ❤ Ombre Nails

Hiya guys!
   Today for my NOTD I will be doing a tutorial on ombre nails and my favourite colour combination to do ombre in. I am also going to show you a twist I put on the ombre nails inspired by a picture I saw on pintrest.

The first tutorial is just the classic ombre nail -

Nail Varnish I used -
 MUA - All Nude (white)
Primark Hot Pink 

  1.  Paint your nails two coats of a white nail polish and leave to completely dry
  2. Get a sponge or make up sponge and paint two stripes of your chosen colours in the middle slightly overlap them
  3. Line the sponge up with your nail and dab it on
  4. Repeat again to make the colours more vibrant 
  5. Apply a top coat to smooth out the gradient and leave to dry
  6. Clean up the edges with cotton wool dipped in nail varnish remover
Easy, right?!

Next one is a very simplar with a few extra steps

I've been loving putting tape on my nails and painting in random colour to create a really nice pattern. I was inspired to try this after seeing pictures on pintrest and tumblr.
  1. Paint all your nails two coats of a white nail varnish
  2. Cut scotch tape into very thin strips or use nail tape, apply it to the nails in a criss - cross (no idea if that's the term) way
  3. Paint the varnish on to the sponge and dab it on 
  4. Apply a second coat
  5. Leave it to completely dry
  6. Remove the tape, apply a top coat and clean the edges

That's it! Super quick and easy to do

Thank you for reading, tell me in the comments what your favourite nail art design for summer is.

-Emma, xoxo

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