Friday, 5 July 2013

Cute Nail Tutorial

Hey guys, I have a nail art tutorial to show you. It is cute girl-y nails and each nail is a different design. You can take inspiration from each nail or do what I have done a wear them on each nail.

The first step is to paint all your nails one colour but with the ring ringer only paint a little under half way (I will list all the colours I use at the end)

Starting with the pinky nail

I just painted it with a gold sparkly colour and this combination is definitely going to become a new favourite of mine.

On the ring finger I created a cupcake, there is way more tutorials on youtube which will show this better but I've taken a few pictures of the steps - 

Painted the top part you left bare white. When the white reaches the pink create little waves (these don't need to be perfect)

Second coat

Add a red cherry using a bobby pin

I then added sprinkles using a pin, some colours and just creating little lines

(I also added little mint green stripes on the pink base but forgot pictures of this step)

On my middle finger I done some caviar beads which I have a tutorial on here -

On my index finger I created some random dots using a bobby pin and different colours - 

Finally for my thumb I painted over one half of the pink with a mint green - 

Colours I used - 


'Pistachio Ice Cream'

'Big Yellow Taxi'


'All Nude'


'Natural Days'

'Prom Queen'

That is it! Really simple nail ideas that are really cute. Any questions feel free to leave them below.

Byeeee, - Emma, xoxo

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