Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I ❤ Summer Tag

Hi everyone, my favourite youtuber Missglamorazzi recently created the I heart summer tag on Youtube but as I don't create YT videos I thought I'd just do the tag on here.

1. Favourite bronzer for summer?

The MUA bronzer is my fav this summer. It is only £3, it is not muddy looking on the skin it just perfect. It blends really well and isn't overly sparkly.

2. You're relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? (Favourite summer drink)

I'd say some sort of tropical fruit drink, one of my fav tropical drinks is the tropical flavour lucozade or just a coke zero.

3. Favourite summer lip product?

This Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush is such a pretty colour for this season. It is a creamy formula and is very moisturising on the lips.

I also carry my EOS lip balm with me everywhere because it just stps my lips getting dry in the hot weather.

4. Pool or Beach?

Beach!! I love the beach because it's always so pretty and has better scenery than a pool.

5. Summer = crazy hair! What's your must - have styling products?

This leave in conditioner is fab! It condition's my hair when the sun is drying it out and reduces frizz. 

This VO5 hairspray keeps my hair tamed during the hot season and stops it from frizzing.

Dry shampoo = life saver. In the hot weather my hair can get oily so by spraying some of this on my hair it absorbs the oily.

6. Sun bathing or fake tan?

Sun bathing, I really don't like wearing fake tan, it is such a hassle, it is smelly and can be patchy and I can never be bothered with it so I embrace my paleness hahah.

7. Favourite summer nail polish?

My favourite is 24/7 by Sinful Colors! It's just a perfect bright pink and it just looks amazing in the sunshine.

8. Any summer traditions?

Not really any I can think of, just spending time with my family and going to our caravan. I also tend to start a new TV series during the summer, if you have any suggestions of what I can watch leave me them in the comments.

9. Favourite summer scents?

I know these aren't body scents but I love the smell of these Bath and Body Works hand gel. The sweet pea one especially smells super just like summer.

10. Favourite BBQ food?

AHHH I love BBQ's!! My fav food would have to be just a nice burger or spicy chicken kebab skewers.

11. What's your favourite summer - proof product?

This face SPF is the most fabulous thing ever. I wear this under my foundation, it is super lightweight and really helps protect my skin from the sun.

12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream summer trip!

Well I did go to Madrid at the end of June so that was my main summer trip. As I said my family normally go to our caravan so we are going there August.
Even though I do have plans I have to say my dream trip would be going to LA or New York!

That is it for this summer tag, if you do it leave me a link to it in the comments for me to check out.

Byeee, - Emma, xoxo

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