Sunday, 21 July 2013

Outfit of the Day ❤ Ice Cream Shorts

 Hi everyone, thought I'd share my outfit and face of the day. 

Top - Primark
Ice Cream Shorts - Forever 21

These ice cream shorts are my favourite, mainly because they are mint green and they are also just such summery shorts.

Now on to my face, this is my kind of everyday make up.

This is my desk I do my make up at

Make up storage (if you want a more in depth make up collection post let me know)

Brushes and Make up palette 

Naked face ahhhhh!!!

After cleansing my face the first thing I do is apply this SPF

Then I apple my Revlon Colorstay foundation, I am the shade Ivory. I apply with with my fingers because I think it work it in better.

Then I use my concealer by Collection in fair

And for powder and bronzer I use these

The make up brushes I use are these ones I got from Ebay, they were very inexpensive but are really good value.

Next on to the eyebrows, I use the colour Obsessed from my Undress Me Too MUA Palette

Eye time!! Doing my eye make up is my favourite thing

I apply Chopper from Naked 2 all over my lids

I blend Snakebite through the crease using the brush that comes with the Naked 2 palette

I apply two coats of the Fat Cat mascara from Mememe and apply the waterproof Maybelline mascara over the top. I don't apply bottom lash mascara because I find it just smudges on me.

I use these eyelash curlers that I for about £1 from Primark and they are fab!

I normally tend to wear black liner on my waterline, I actually use a powder because it tends to last longer.

I normally keep my lips super natural, I never really tend to wear lipstick or anything on a daily basis but today I wore this little lip gloss that comes with the Naked 2 palette 

I believe that is everything! 
Again let me know if you'd be interested in a make up collection post and yeah, have a good day.

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