Monday, 8 July 2013

Mint and Sparkle Nail Art Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

Today's nail art has been inspired by a picture I saw on Pintrest - 

It has a leaf look to it

 You will need - 

A black nail art pen - I got mine from Ebay
A silver sparkly nail varnish - Topshop 'Starlight'
A mint nail varnish - MUA 'Pistachio Ice Cream'

1. Paint your nails all silver
2. Draw a black line down the centre
3. Make three diagonal stripes like so
4. Repeat on the other side 

5. Fill in the sections shown with the mint green varnish using the pin
6. Once dry draw back over the black lines to make it look cleaner 
No idea why I numbered 7 & 8 these are the finished look

That's it! Easyyyy Peasyyy

Let me know what you think in the comments

Byeee, - Emma xoxo

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