Friday, 19 July 2013

Nail Polish Haul

  Hi everyone, I've got a little nail polish haul for you today. I was wanting some new nail polishes to do water marble nail art, which is my all time favourite nail art design.

First I got a new white nail polish

This is only with one coat!!
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

I  love the Sinful Colors range in Boots, they have so many colours.

In Boots Models Own were doing a 3 for 2 promotion so I decided to get a few of them.

Somebody scratched the apple too hard :(. Anyway this is a perfect mint green, and we all know how I love mint green. It smells like sour apple sweets haha and only need two coats to be nice and opaque.

This is the perfect strawberry milkshake colour! I love it. This one smells like some old childhood kid lip gloss I had. You could easily get away with wearing one coat of this polish. I love the models own pastel colours because they are not too sheer like some pastel colours are.

Some swatches of all three.

Here's some pictures of me doing water marbling 

More pictures can be found on my Instagram - @emmmairving

Oh also I wanted to say one of the sales assistants in Boots smelt really good (...not creepy I  promise...) I asked what she was wearing and she said it was 'Insolence' by 'Guerlain'. I went and sprayed some and it is fantastic, it smells like 'Big' shampoo from lush, I love it! Definitely adding it to my to get list.

Have any of you tried the Models Own nail polishes? Which are your favs? Leave me a comment or tweet me @MasqueradeEmma on

Hope you are having a fab day, bye guys.

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