Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Naked 2 vs Undress Me Too

Hey guys!

In previous posts I have mentioned I got the MUA eyeshadow palette and I also recently got the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. The MUA palette is said to be a dupe for the Naked 2 so I thought I'd do a comparison post. Now I know obviously the Naked 2 is more expensive therefore it is bound to be better in staying power and pigmentation but this post is mainly to compare the different colours that are similar.

The first row of the MUA palette is the same as the first six colours in the Naked 2 in that order too! -

Example 'Booty Call' matches up with the third colour in the top row, make sense?

The second row is the same as the last six colours -

Lets start looking at the colours, I'll be doing it in order so from the top left of the MUA palette and the left of the Naked 2.

Warning!!! The following post overuses the words pigmented and toned, lets play count how many times Emma uses them words.

All colours on the right are from the Naked 2 and all the ones on the left are from the MUA palette

These are natural colours, 'Naked' is more yellow toned than 'Foxy' it also is a lot more pigmented on the skin.

'Half Baked' is more golden than the two it is also a lot more softer. 'Devotion' is more brown toned. They are both shimmery colours.

'Shy' is the more shimmery of the two, 'Booty Call' is much more of a creamy yellow colour and is much more pigmented.

These two out of all the colours I find to be the most similar. 'Fiery' is more on the brown copper tone and 'Chopper' is more on the golden copper tone.

'Lavish' is more grey than 'Tease', these are both smoky brown grey colours.

These colours are gorgeous! 'Snakebite' is much more of a darker brown than 'Dreamy'.

'Pistol' is more black smoky grey than 'Exposed'. 'Exposed' is a lighter metallic grey.

'Verve' is a lot more pigmented and darker than 'Reveal'. 'Reveal' is a lot less shimmery too.

'YDK' is a darker copper brown colour than 'Wink'. 'Wink' is a grey copper colour and is not as pigmented.

'Busted' is a darker brown, a lot more darker than 'Obsessed'. Also 'Busted' is way more pigmented.

Both of these are just plain blacks but 'Blackout' is such a stronger black and is very pigmented.

Ahhhhh! That is all the colours, I know my descriptions are not that fab but even just look at the pictures and judge the colours for yourself. Again the Naked 2 is obviously more expensive and better quality but I definitely recommend the MUA palette if you are wanting to try the colours and aren't sure if you want to spend all that money on the Naked 2.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, - Emma, xoxo  

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