Monday, 5 August 2013

25 Facts About Me Tag

Hi everyone, I was planning on doing the 50 facts about me tag and then realised I am not that interesting so I cut it down to 25.

(This is me...)

1. I was born in England, stayed there for 6 years then moved to Scotland.

2. I have lived in Scotland for 10 years.

3. Yes that makes me 16 years old.

4. My birthday is the 9th of October.

5. I am 4ft11, I am such a short arse.

6. I am really shy when I first meet someone, but when I get to know them they will be begging me to be quite.

7. I am not confident at all, I think my height is a big factor that can make me feel this way because I find people treat me like I am 10 and talk down to me.

8. I would rather spend the day watching my favourite TV shows, films or youtubers than go outside...hahah.

9. My favourite TV shows are The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and Home and Away.

10. My favourite films are Tranformers, Safe Haven and A Cinderella Story, but I love watching all action movies.

11. I love eating spicy food.

12. Hence, my favourite restaurant is Nandos.  

13.Nothing makes me happier than being around family.

14. I have two brothers, Andrew, who is 19 and Sean, who is 14, I am really close with both of them.

15. I would rather spend £40 pound in Primark buying lots of things than spend £40 on one thing from Topshop.

16. I have been a fan of Conor Maynard since 2009...yup 

17. I met the cast of The Vampire Diaries and it remains to be the highlight of my life so far.

18. I love Bon Jovi.

19. I love all the different CSI TV shows, I have always wanted to be a Forensic Scientist ever since I started watching them.

20. It is my dream to own a coffee shop, I've already started planning it...

21. Missglamorazzi was the first beauty youtuber I ever watched in 2010 and remains to still be my favourite beauty guru.

22.I have always wanted to be in a movie or Tv show, it seems like such an amazing thing to be a part of.

23. I would love to be an Interior Designer. 

24. I enjoy painting my nails and I love trying out all different designs on them.

25. One day I hope to have a really successful blog and maybe even start doing Youtube videos one day.

So that is a few random (and not so random) facts about me. I am really enjoying seeing my blog progress and seeing it get more views by the day. I am planning on doing giveaways in the future, my goal is 50 members.
Have a good day (: 


  1. I'm currently stalking your blog (sorry!) and just want to say we're so alike! I'm so jealous that you met TVD cast, I'm obsessed with that show! :-)


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