Tuesday, 6 August 2013

August 2013 Wishlist

 Hi everyone, I thought I'd make a post of 5 things I would really like to purchase, or dream about buying throughout the month of August. I think at the beginning of each month I will make one of these posts. 

I am completely in love with pugs, I just think they are the cutest things. I dream of getting two and yes I have already picked out names for them. When I saw Zoe (Zoella on Youtube) wearing this dress in white in one of her videos, I fell in love. I really would love to own this dress.

Now this may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I love pandas. I was looking at the Topshop website and came across this and thought it would be perfect with a simple black or white tank top or a crop top. 

I have been eyeing up this style of bag for a while and am really wanting one! I am on the hunt to find one in mint green, let me know where I can find one!

Screenshot from Superdrug !  

FINALLY!! The UK had Baby Lips!! I am definitely picking some of these up. I am so surprised at how many different scents there are and how reasonably priced they are. What scent would you say is the best?


These nail polishes are pretty responsibly priced for nail polish. They have a large selection of colours, which is very cool. I have never tried these before so I would love to try it and see what they're like.

That is it for my wishlist for August, let me know what you're hoping to purchase this month! 
Hope you are having a fab day! 


  1. awesome wishlist! and glad that baby lips are now available in the UK too. i had the one in the blue tube before and for some reason i can't remember if it had a scent or not, but really great product though.


    1. I got the blue one too! It has quite a fresh scent I think, I love them. x


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