Thursday, 15 August 2013

Celebrity Style Icons

 I get many of my fashion and styling ideas from many celebrities, in this post I thought I would show you guys who my main celebrity style icons are.

Nina Dobrev

Lets start with my all time favourite celebrity, Nina Dobrev. Nina never fails to wear cute and unique outfits everywhere she goes. She also always rocks a completely amazing hairstyle with every outfit. Here are some of my favourite outfits Nina wore to different events.

That last outfit has been one of my favourites Nina has wore. Nina also has the cutest girly style even when she dresses down.

Aren't these jeans just the coolest?!

Nina's whole look, her hair, make up and outfits are always on point!

Selena Gomez

I am in love with Selena's boho girly vibe she always sports.

I also have serious hair envy when it comes to this girl.

Vanessa Hudgens 

Vanessa has the same beachy boho look like Selena has but her outfits always have an aspect of grunge in them, which I love!

I really do take a lot of fashion ideas from Vanessa's looks.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie's look is very grunge but does have a bit of girly-ness in it. One of my favourite looks Kylie regularly sports is the crop top, high waisted shorts and flannel around the waist and that is one I often wear myself after seeing Kylie rock it.

Kylie's outfits are always so simple but cute!

That is it for my style icons, let me know who you look up to when it comes to fashion!

 * All images are from Zimbio and Instagram

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  1. I love the boho/grungey look that Vanessa has! She's so pretty too!
    Also, you have such a lovely little blog :)
    Hope you're well,
    Your newest follower,
    Laura xx


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