Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cotton Candy Lush Bath Cocktail

 Hi everyone, today I thought I'd try something different and would show you a little demo of a few lush products I used in my bath. I called it the cotton candy cocktail because I'm using sweet candy smelling products. 

Here's the products I used - 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (Christmas Product)

The piece on the right is how much I use, a little goes a long way. I always cut my lush products up to save them. This bubble bar is a Christmas product, however 'Creamy Candy' bubble bar is the same scent.
It is a very sweet candy smelly, it almost smells like you could eat it.

Melting Snowman Bath Melt

I only use this little guys head. This bath melt smells of cake, more almond-y and like marzipan. It is very moisturising on the skin. 

Rockstar Soap

Again I only use a tiny bit of this because it lathers up really well. This smells straight up like a candy store, it is so yummy!

How I use these Products - 

I crumble the bubble bar under the hot tap.

After its all crumbled I swish it about, this helps forms bubbles.

Just before I jump in the bath I drop the little snowman in.

When I'm in the bath I wash with the rockstar soap and when I'm out I moisturise with this

Vanilla Dee - Lite

This just smells like a yummy desert. 

That is my little Lush bath, what is your favourite lush product? 

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