Friday, 9 August 2013

Desk Tour

Hi everyone, this post is going to be a quick tour of my beauty desk and how I organise it.

This is an overview of my desk, for more information about where I got it you can click here.

This chair is from Ikea, the weird brown marks are from when I ombred my hair and got it on my chair by mistake, cute haha.

Under my desk I keep random boxes, including my Ciate nail polish advent calendar.

I really need to reorganise this cupboard but it is full of lots of school work.

I this little drawer I keep my jewellery in glossybox lids. I really need to get into the habit of wearing jewellery more!

Make upppp! To see a complete tour of everything in this drawer click here.

On my main desk area I keep mainly skin care and hair products, have a look at the pictures to see what kind of products I use.

Over here I keep a jar (Ikea) with lush products. Also a green tea bottle because it's so pretty.

Over here I have empty Glossybox boxes and a collection of DVD's and books.

On this top shelf I keep my phone cases, collection post here.

Here is my brushes and make up palettes 

This is where I keep some perfume and some samples are kept in the pink Glossybox.

That is it! I hope you enjoyed this kind of post! Have a fab day.


  1. Hi! Nice blog :) I'm following you on GFC now, I hope you follow back :)

  2. Love how you use your glossyboxes to store makeup! I used to do that! Just bought a new dressing table from IKEA!


    1. Glossyboxes are so good for storage! What dressing table did you get?

  3. Loved this post! You have a dream makeup collection, and I love the way you store it all! It's way neater than mine!

    Rachael @ <3


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