Friday, 30 August 2013

Night Time Routine - Make Up Removal

Hi everyone, this is a post on how I remove my make up each night!

Step 1

First off I take my L'oreal Cleansing Oil, I add two drops on my finger tips and massage it into dry skin. This smudges all the make up off and makes you look a little crazy.

Then you just rinse it off with warm water.

Step 2

I don't do this step all the time but once a week I use a exfoliating scrub.

I use the Dermalogica Microfoliant. This is actually for daily use but as I said I don't use it everyday. I sprinkle some of the powder on my hand and mix it with a few drops of water until a paste is formed, massage it all over your face then rinse with warm water.

Step 3

Taking a cotton pad and my L'oreal Skin Perfection I wipe my face just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

And that's it! 

I don't have may step in my make up removal but I do hope you enjoyed seeing the products I use! 

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