Thursday, 8 August 2013

Room Tour

Hi everyone, today I have a fun post for you all. I am doing a tour of my room! As I am doing this in picture form it may be a little confusing but I've tried my best to make clear and easy to see. I am also by no means bragging about my room or the things in it, I just know I love seeing what peoples rooms are like so I do hope you enjoy having a peak at mine.

Here is a quick overview of my room

Okay so when you have your back to the door to the left is my make up desk/area -

My desk is the MICKE desk from Ikea, note that the mirrors didn't come with the desk. I am going to do a full desk tour that will be up straight after this post!

This is the next area (Ignore the picture frames I've yet to hang up)

This is the floor space in this area, I like to keep some of my shoes down here. The box sitting there is where I store my sleepwear and I'm yet to find a home for it.

It is from Ikea and I also have two smaller versions that I keep under my bed.

My television is by LUXOR

The chest of 6 drawers is from the MALM range from Ikea

I like to store some of my nail polish on top of here, if anyone is interested in a nail polish collection post I would be happy to do one!

Yes I still have stuffed animals on my bed hahah! I am also aware I do have a Christmas pillow on my bed...ooops. Anyway, my bedding is from Ikea, the white bed throw is from Primark, the pandas are Pillow Pets, the big pink cushion is also from Ikea.

My bed itself is from Ikea and the head board is Argos.

This is my blind, I can not remember where this is from but I thought I'd show you anyway.

The wall art is from Ikea and the fluffy lights are from Asda.

This little bedside table is also from the MALM collection from Ikea.

In the top drawer it is a lot of random junk!

In the bottom drawer is a lot of candle things.

This is my wardrobe, my dad basically made this wardrobe for me, there was a small cupboard here and my dad completely fixed it up to be a lovely wardrobe, thank ya dad! He made the doors so yeah that's where they're from.

The handles a from B&Q.

My father glued these mirrors from Ikea on to the door.

These are my clothes on a clothes hanger from Argos.

The lampshade is from B&Q.

Also you can see my wall opposite my bed is mint green and all the other ones are a cream colour, I am however painting them all mint green.

That is everything hopefully hahah! I hope that gave you a little inside view of my room and you liked seeing what my room is like. If I forgot to tell you where something was from don't hesitate to ask in the comments.  Like I said a desk tour will be up soon and if you're interested in a nail polish collection post let me know! Have a fab day!!

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