Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Top 3 Favourite TV Shows

Hi everyone, one of my favourite things to do is discover new TV series and in this post I thought I recommend some TV shows I have been really loving recently. I didn't include The Vampire Diaries in this but I would obviously recommend that to everyone and anyone because it is fantastic.


This is a fairly new series, it is a teen drama and a mystery - thriller. Without getting into it too much, it is about a boy who comes out of juve (a jail for young people) after killing his aunt. It shows how he comes back to his home town, he tries to reconnect with his old friends and move on with his life. It is a really interesting show and I am looking forward to the season returning.

Teen Wolf

Ahhhh Teen Wolf, the show filled with incredibly good looking people. Aside for it's incredible cast, this shows storyline just keeps getting better and better. It now being on it's third season, the show is currently at the best storyline I've seen on it so far!

The Fosters

The Fosters is 100% worth the watch, it is a family drama but has many teen dramas in it. The actors are fantastic and not to mention my huge crush on Jake T. Austin, what a little stud. The story will have you hooked and you will easily fall in love with all the characters. 

Please let me know what TV shows I should check out!


  1. I actually haven't seen any of these, I obviously need to check them out!
    NRC ♥

    1. Yes you should! Let me know what you think of them!


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