Monday, 9 September 2013

American Haul!

No, no, no I haven't been to America! My lovely friend Amanda (Undercoveramanda on youtube) lives in Las Vegas and she recently sent me a little package full of goodies from America, I am going to show you what she got for me now!

As soon as I opened the package there was a lovely bag in there which contained all the goodies.

Amanda got this beautiful bag from a shop along Venice Beach in LA! She said she saw this bag and thought of me which is cool because it is something I'd definitely purchase myself.

Next Amanda got me a few things from Bath & Body Works and I have to say I freaked out a little (big) bit when I saw these things. We don't have B&BW here in the UK so I was so happy!

This shower gel and body lotion share the same 'Beautiful Day' scent, the scent is so fresh and fruity, it contains apples so that makes sense! It reminds me of DKNY Be Delicious. 

I am obsessed with candles so when I saw this I was so excited because I have heard good things about these candles. This scent is 'Peach Bellini' and it smells like a peach fruit punch! I have burnt it a lot and the smell completely fills the room.

Okay...can we just discuss how amazing this smells!?! I am spraying it as I type, it is the nicest girly scent, I am hopeless at explaining scents but it is fruity but kind of smells like candy, so good!

I am obsessed with the idea of dream catchers, I'm not sure why but they just seem magical and mystical? Hahah I'm not sure why I think that. I have never actually owned a dream catcher so when I saw Manda had got one for me from a little native American store I freaked. This was handmade, how cool is that?

Also from the same store Amanda got me this handmade bracelet. The different mixture of stones are just beautiful!

From a huge record store in Hollywood Amanda got me this shirt which I am going to wear to death! I love the baggy fit of it and it is going to look perfect with denim shorts.

She also got me these sweets (candy) that are really pretty colours! I think they're called Taffy? but I'm probably wrong haha.

I want to say the biggest thank you to Amanda , I lavvv you boo! Please go sub to her on Youtube please, lets try and get her to make new videos!

Just wanted to apologise for my blog being down for a few days, I have been trying to set my my new URL which is now working! Let me know what you think!


  1. Oh wow you have an amazing friend! I love the sound of the candle, I bet it smells incredible xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. She is amazing, I couldn't believe it!


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