Monday, 2 September 2013

August Favourites

This post is a few days last, just trying to process the fact it is September already!?

Make up

Mac - Gazette Grey 
This is my one and only Mac eyeshadow and I love it. It is a very pretty grey shadow with a hint of glitter in it. The staying power is amazing!

Color Tattoo - On and On Bronze
I just love this colour tattoo. This is amazing for wearing on it's own or as an eyeshadow base. 

 This does exactly what the label says it does! It makes my lips so soft and this one doesn't have a strong taste but it has a hint of something fresh.

Ciate - Magic Carpet
This glitter is amazing! I am constantly wearing this with a purple nail varnish under it! This stuff doesn't chip easily either.


Just my go to jumper! It is so comfy and creates a casual look. Even though it's my favourite my mum seems to hate it...


TV Show - 'Twisted'
 I mentioned this in a post a few weeks back but this is just my favourite TV show currently. The season has just finished and I've got to say it was a very good ending!

Youtube & Music - 'The Vamps'
I have been constantly playing The Vamps all last month, I am obsessed. Their singing and instrument playing is seriously amazing! I can't wait to hear their EP out soon, especially for the 'Year 3000 by Busted' cover.

What has been your favourites from August?


  1. Love this post! I have the Ciate caviar and it's so lovely.

    My favourite show of the moment is probably Arrested Development or Freaks and Geeks :-) xo

    1. Thank you honey! I might need to check out them shows!!xx


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