Sunday, 29 September 2013

Face of the Day ❤ Third Place

Here is a bronzed look that is perfect for Autumn/Fall.


Taking my favourite colour tattoo I apply it all over my eye with my finger, it doesn't have to be perfect this is just a base. This colour tattoo is gorgeous, it would be perfect if you're in a rush and just want a quick eye look that looks like you've spent ages on it. Applying this under my eye shadow makes them pop more!

Taking snakebite I apply it through my crease and blend it through the outer half of my eye. This colour has a nice amount of shimmer through it.

I took one of my favourite colours from the Naked 2 palette and applied it to the inner half of my eye lid, focusing on the middle. This really opens up the eye and makes it look bright and awake.

I also take the two colours from the Naked 2 palette and apply Snakebite to the outer bottom lash line and then Half Baked on the inner lash line.

For mascara I used Fat Cat by MeMeMe (It is on sale right now!). As you can see this is not clumpy and I love the way it makes the lashes look! This is with two coats.


I love this colour its so pink and shiny. It has mint in it so it tastes nice and makes my lips feel plumpy haha.


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  1. I love the naked 2 palette and this makeup look is so pretty!

  2. This looks lovely on you - bronze looks just don't tend to suit me though :(
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. Thank you! aww let me know what colours look good on you and I'll do some looks xx

  3. Yo just reminded me that I really have to go and get some of the colour tatoos. I keep on forgetting every time I am in boots.Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog!!!

  4. Lovely makeup look, I really need to get a Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow! Love the lip colour too :) xxx

  5. Love the eye colour! It really suits you :) x


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