Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Face of the Day ❤ Loving Him Was Red

For this look I wanted to wear a red lip as I don't wear it that often, the eye look is similar to this bronze one but I don't use the maybelline tattoo so you can see the difference it makes!

I apply this subtle brown glitter to my crease and through the outer socket of my eye! I blend well so it just a soft shadow. I want to also say I realised I use the Naked palette a lot but it's because I really do love it, but I am going to have some tutorials coming up with my MUA palette and more.

Using one of my favourite colours ever, I apply this from the centre of my eye and blend inwards, I blend it nicely with the brown colour so it creates a soft blend. This eye shadow really open up your eye and make you look more awake.

I fill my lips in with this amazing red colour. It is very nourishing and has a slightly glossy finish. This colour does not smudge or slip down your face like some red lipsticks can do! It was a limited edition product but check out the No7 range they're excellent.

Let me know what colour of lips you prefer!
-Em x


  1. That lipstick shade looks lovely on your skin tone! xx

    Fernanda @ Ferdie's Beauty Finds

  2. the lip crayon looks lovely! x

  3. I love the naked palette! So many great shades & that lip colour looks gorgeous on you :) great make up xxx

  4. You look beautiful! Loving this lipstick on you! xx


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