Monday, 14 October 2013

Face of the Day ❤ Luv It Up!

I created this look by using some new products I've recently received including my new Benefit make up kit!

I never normally use primers but I received this one in a recent Glossybox so I gave it a try. I could feel it smoothing out my skin and it helped to make my skin even and matte. My foundation applied nicely over the top, it did last all day and didn't wear off at all, very impressed!

I have been really loving this combo recently.

My very lovely friend got me this for my birthday, you have no idea how excited it got me!

I applied this all over my lid with my finger to create a nice base, it being cream gives the eyeshadow something to grab on to.

I LOVE the name of this being the coffee lover I am. It is a beautiful shimmer bronze that I applied to the outer half of my lid and I smoked it out with a fluffy brush.

This is a nude coppery glittery colour! I think is  is gorgeous and can see this becoming my favourite along side Half Baked. I applied this to the inner half of my eye!

I took Thanks A Latte along my outer lower lash line to create more depth.

MeMeMe Fat Cat Mascara (£4 right now!!)

I applied two coats of my favourite mascara to my top lashes and then with the product left on the brush I applied a little to the lower lashes.

I put a little bit of this rose colour on my finger tips and dabbed it into my lips, I'm sure I could taste some rose in the product!

I am interested in trying more benefit products out so let me know what ones to check out!



  1. I have to say, for a young girl of your age, you sure know how to put a good blog together. Bravo! Imust follow you.....just incase you wanna follow me too

    1. oh wow, thank you so much, one of the nicest things someone has commented!xx

  2. Very pretty look!!

  3. your eyes are very beautiful x

  4. ugh i am in love with that palette. I think the primer makes a big difference!


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