Sunday, 6 October 2013

Face of the Day ❤ MUA

I thought it was about time I do a tutorial that didn't include my Naked 2 palette haha. I decided to use my MUA Undress Me Too palette as it is very similar to the Naked 2 palette but much more affordable, I have a comparison post here which includes swatches.
I put Devotion all over my eye lid and blended it nicely, I love the colour pay off of this it is very similar to Half Baked which is my favourite from the Naked 2 palette, I also drag this into my inner corner and on the first half of my lower lash line. 
Taking Wink, similar to YDK, I put a little bit of this in my outer corner to create more drama and shadow. I also apply this to the outer half of my lower lash line.

This is a really old MUA lipstick but I love it, it is perfect for this season. It is a beautiful purple plum colour! For only £1 these lipsticks are such good value and have amazing staying power and a lovely consistency.

I also just discovered MUA have a website - here. It has so many of their products and they do deliveries so go have a cheeky browse and let me know what products you love!

- Em


  1. Replies
    1. omg aw you're so nice, thank you so much xx

  2. I need to get my hands on Undress Me Too but it's never in stock :(
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. Check the website! I linked the palette above x

  3. The MUA lipstick is lovely - you really suit it!
    I still can't believe they are only £1 , crazy!
    You are so pretty - great photos.
    Rachel x

    1. aw thank you! They're such good value x

  4. Really pretty look I need to try that MUA palette!

  5. The lipstick looks nice on you.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place


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