Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favourites ❤

This is what I have been loving last month!

I've used this in a few tutorials now, but this MUA lip stick is amazing. For £1 it is really pigmented, long lasting and have an amazing formula.

Ahhh this stuff is wonderful. It tastes like chocolate and vanilla which is an amazing combination! I use this before I apply lip stick to even out my lips. I know you can make these cheaper but I've tried before and it's honestly not as good as Lush. I'm not sure if this had been discontinued :(

Face wipes that don't break me out or dry out my skin you say? YAY, these face wipes are amazing! They smell nice and faintly of rose! They take off my make up really well and I only need one to take off my whole face.

This nail polish from Revlon is such a pretty pink, my favourite shade of pink. I got this from a £1 store which is amazing, it lasts ages, I had it on for 4 days and it didn't chip once!

I can't stop wearing this! It is the beautiful bracelet Amanda got me from Vegas, full post here. It is so unique and no one I know has it which is awesome!

TV Show - I recently started watching Breaking Bad recently and I am only just on season 2 but so far I'm loving it, everyone is telling me to wait until season 3 when the serious stuff starts!

Music - Ahh my fav guys, The Vamps just released their EP and you guys it is amazing! Year 3000 is my top favourite song, Busted nostalgia! Check it out here and give the EP a listen.

Let me know what music you've been loving last month!
-Emma x


  1. that nail colour is gorgeous! <3


  2. I love lip scrubs from lush :)

    xx Vivi

  3. The lip scrub looks amazing!


  4. I think Sweet Lips has been discontinued because they haven't stocked it in Lush for a while! It's such a shame because it was such a fab lip scrub :( x



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