Thursday, 12 December 2013

You're everything thing I need and more

Doing my nails is something I'm all about, I love it, I paint them often different colours & designs, yet I serious lack nail posts on my blog, I need to get into posting more! For this Christmassy combo I used my favourite Ciate Colours, Jelly Bean, which is the one featured in my blog banner. I applied two coats of the beautifully opaque hot pink and then two coats of the Halo colour which is and amazing iridescent glitter polish which has blues, pinks and greens through it, simply stunning! 

Have a fab day!
-Emma xoxo 


  1. I love this colour on you :)
    I love your header btw
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  2. This is seriously an amazing colour, I'm very tempted to buy it! x

    Other Infinities

  3. This colour is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful colour! x

  5. Gorgeous color!! I love it!
    You have a new follower!


  6. Such a pretty colour, turned out amazing!
    This is a really great post :)


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