Friday, 28 March 2014

Lilac & Marshmallow

This is the makeup I created to wear with this outfit. I wanted my makeup to look fresh and spring-y and I love the way the lip colour complements my lilac dress.


Foundation - Max Factor Face Finity mixed with a bit of L'oreal True Match
Bronzer - Hoola by Benefit


All over and along the lower lash line - Barry M Dazzle Dust '39'
Smoked out through crease and in the corner of the lower lash line - 'Snakebite' from Naked 2
Tide line eye liner - Barry M 


TGIF!!! Hope you all enjoy the weekend! xoxo

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Last Night

Last night I attended my friends 18th and I thought I'd show you all what I wore. I wanted to wear something fresh and springy, I believe this lilac dress creates that vibe perfectly.

 Dress - Missguided

Shoes - eBay

These shoes are so so comfy I wore them for 6 hours straight and my feet didn't hurt too much! I must point out I am very proud of myself managing to keep on heels all night.

Necklace - Primark (£4)

I was on the hunt for a gold chain necklace and was so please when I found this bargain. Most people are pretty sceptical about buying cheap jewellery but this piece didn't irritate my skin at all.  

I had such a fab Saturday night hope you all did too! I am still gathering questions for my Ask Em so leave some below. 

Luv u all, Emma xoxo

Friday, 21 March 2014

Geometry Lesson Nail Art

For today's post I decided to try a new nail art tutorial. I used my Nail Candy book to guide me so make sure you check out that book if you want some fun, new nail art ideas.

You will need;

Three nail polish colours of your choice I picked:

Also scissors and some tape of your choice

 Step 1

I apply two coats of my base colour and wait for it to completely dry. It is important that it is completely dry before you apply the tape because if you stick the tape on while it's wet you can assume the mess it will make.

Step 2

Cut up the tape into little strips before applying the tape to your nails press it against your skin to make it less sticky.

Step 3

Apply the tape to your nails like so and vary the shapes and sizes of the triangles for each nail to be more creative. Apply the second colour to your nail and then carefully remove the tape straight away, I always make the mistake when doing deigns like this because I let the nail polish dry before removing the tape and it always dries onto the tape and ends up making a right mess.

Step 4

Repeat on all nails remembering to change it up each time.

Step 5

Repeat the above steps once the previous colour has completely dry but using the third colour and apply the tape in random positions but have some overlap the second colour.

Step 6

Apply a top coat to smooth everything out the one I used is MUA Clear Coat.

 This design is super easy to do but is pretty time consuming because you have to make sure you wait for all the colours to completely dry before doing the next step.

Make sure you check out the book because I really recommend it and it's so fun!

Have a lovely day! - Emma, xoxo

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Viberent Lips

I'm not really one for wearing bright colours on my lips I was clearly feeling wild today!


Foundation - True Match L'oreal has anyone tried this foundation? I'm unsure if I like it or not
Bronzer - Hoola by Benefit
Highlighter - Wake Me Up Rimmel


I apply MUA 'Tranuil' to the inner half of the eye lid

Next, taking the Sleek Storm Palette I use the dark green on the outer half of my eye lid.

Back too the MUA Undress Me Too Palette I take 'Dreamy' and smoke that out through the crease.

As for mascara I use my lovely They're Real by Benefit and I actually did have to clarify my lashes are real while wearing this mascara, 10 points to Benefit for making a brilliant mascara.


I first off applied MUA in shade 13 then over the top I put on Sleek 'Amped'

* I hope that out of place bit of lipstick doesn't annoy you as much as it annoys me haha*

Also an 'Ask Em' will be up soon so leave me questions below! I'm nearly at 2,000 followers on Instagram too so if you followed me over there that'd be fab @emmmairving

Have a beautiful day lovies <3
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