Friday, 18 April 2014

Shopping Trip!

Yesterday I went shopping at my local shopping centre/mall which probably wasn't the smartest idea considering it was such a gorgeous day outside and I should of been out in the sun. I am however so happy with my purchases.


I went into Boots with every intention of getting this benefit set and I also went with many reasons to justify me getting it. 1. I have heard so many people rave about all the products inside so I had to try them too, right? 2. I need a beautiful foundation for my graduation next Friday 3. I had £30 worth of points on my Boots Advantage Card so why not spend £25.50 of them ;). I really do recommend getting a Boots card because before you know it you've save up lots of points and you get coupons sent out to you. I will definitely let you all know how I get on with this kit.

Apparently I never took any pictures of the nail polishes so I'll just talk you through the ones I got. Boots currently have 3 for 2 on so I took full advantage of this.

Sinful Colours - £1.99

Rimmel London - £3.69

Natural Collection - £1.89

The reason why I went a little overboard on the nail polish front is because I am going to my little cousins birthday party tomorrow and I am on nail painting duty hahah.

Natural Collection 
White Eyeliner - £1.99

These two products are for an upcoming makeup look :)


Pug Earphones - £3

Pugs are my fave breed of dogs so I couldn't not get these! ALSO promoting my boys who I am so proud of for releasing their first album at the beginning of this week so make sure you all go check out 'Meet The Vamps' it is honestly phenomenal. 


While shopping for my little cousins present I got her a few bits from Lush. As they're gifts I can't take them out their bags for proper pictures but that's them all above in the basket :)

Well this is awkward...I just this moment realised this is a mother's day present hahahah oops! Oh well it looks cute and quirky I'm sure she'll love it. I can't believe I didn't notice that hahah.

One of the first products I purchase from Lush. It's beautiful, creamy Bubble Bar that smells like sugary sweetness.

My cousins name is Rosie so I thought she'd appreciate this!

This bubble bar is my favourite from Lush it smells divine and creates the most amazing amount of bubbles.

Not going to lie the smell of this hurts my head so bad but it's cute and I know my cousin will love this.


No shopping trip is complete without one of these guys.

Mocha Frapp - £3.75(?)

Perfect for a sunny day, one of my fav drinks from Starbucks. So many people turn up their nose at the idea of a creamy milkshake-y cold chocolate coffee but it is sooooooo fab!

Reusable cup - £1

I saw this in the store for £1 it's a reusable cup that you bring in and get 25p off your drink when you use it but I kind of got it because it was £1 for a cool Starbucks cup I can use in my house hahah.

Hope you enjoyed my shopping trip post and everything I didn't take a picture of has been linked so make sure you click on them so you can see the product on the website. I have some fun posts coming up soon so stay tuned :) xoxo


  1. wow im so jealous, everything you got is so lovely! I specifically love the pug earphones!

    1. hahah thank you! I'm a sucker for anything Pug x

  2. I save up my Boots points specifically for Benefit too! Last time I got Lollitint
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. That's on my list of things to try! xx

  3. You picked up some lovely things! Those pug earphones!? Oh gosh i want them in my life! Haha :) very jealous of all the Lush stuff too.

    Shannon Marie
    Schnella Blog

  4. you got so many nice stuff dear :) love LUSH ! xx

  5. I've been wanting a starbucks cup for so long. Lovely post!



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