Saturday, 3 May 2014

Goodbyes Just Mean I'll Miss You

Last week was my last week of high school ever. Kind of hard to believe because in my eyes I'm still too young to be growing up and living in the real world. I am so gutted about leaving my friends because so many are moving away and doing their own thing BUT this is the makeup I wore to valedictory (graduation).


Concealer - Boi-ing "01" by Benefit
Bronzer - Hoola by Benefit
sorry about the all the Benefit products hahaha


Thanks A Latte by Benefit through the outer half of the eye
Busted from Naked 2 through the crease
Barry M Dazzle Dust in '39' all over the inner half and along lower lash line
Blackout from Naked 2 along lash line & outer half of the lower lash line
For mascara I used They're Real by Benefit 
For brows I used the Seventeen Brow's That!
Again sorry for all the benefit products I swear they don't sponsor me I just wanted to use some high quality products for this special occasion.

I actually didn't wear anything on my lips just a bit of  lip balm.

I will have an outfit post about what I wore up soon so stay tuned for that! Also, if you don't follow my Instagram you should check it out @emmmairving.
Have a fab day!
-Emma, xoxo.


  1. Your hair looks stunnnning!
    I would love to have pretty hair like that. xx

    1. aww what a charmer! Thank you lovely


  2. wow you got out of school pretty early! Here in the US, we've got another month and a half! Good luck to you and you looked GORGEOUS!

  3. That eyeshadow combination is killer! I love it! I wish I could get that advanced with my eyes, well done! :)
    xx - Georgia

  4. Hello dear,
    You are so beautiful and your make up looks lovely!:):)
    After a long break I am back to blogging, just this time I am located in London. I am so excited and happy to be back. I really like your blog and you seem like such a lovely person. By any chance you would like to stay in contact?:) Write me either on my blog, on facebook or via email. I would love to make new blogging friends!!
    With love,

  5. I actually just recently did exactly the same eye makeup for a dinner party! I love those brown/bronze eyeshadows! Your hair is gorgeous as well!

    Much love xxx


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