Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set Review + Demo

Hiya guys, a few weeks ago I was contacted by Tmart asking if I'd like a brush set sent to me to try out and of course I said yes! I had never actually heard of this site until a few weeks ago. It sells so many different things from makeup accessories to gadgets all at very reasonable prices. It took just over a week for my package to arrive also, Tmart ship worldwide for free!

The set I received was this adorable pastel pink one. This set retails for £5.71, knowing that it wasn't a very expensive set I wasn't expecting very much but I was pleasantly surprised. I think the exterior is so cute it is such a pretty design. The roll is clipped together with a magnetic button which makes the item feel more luxurious. This set would be brilliant for travelling as it contains every brush you'd need to do your makeup which is super handy. When I took the big fluffy brush out I ran it along my hand and could not believe how soft it was. I did all my makeup using this kit and here is how I got on - 

Using the big fluffy brush I applied my L'oreal True Match Foundation in Ivory. The brush was extremely light on my face and blended the foundation around my face evenly. It did not leave any streaky foundation lines on my face which is amazing because I hate them! It actually felt pretty relaxing putting my foundation on. It also does not shed any brush hairs on my face which is a big bonus, nothing more annoying than putting your foundation on then having to pick out brush hairs from it. I also put on my Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 01 on with my fingers as I find the product melts into the skin better that way.

Next, I took the fan brush with the Benefit 'I Love Me' Powder on it and dusted it all over my face. This brush is such a fab shape for getting into all areas of the face.

Taking my favourite bronzer Hoola by Benefit and the angled face brush I contoured my cheek bones and jawline. This brush picks up the perfect amount of product and because it is so light and fluffy is creates and really nice natural looking contour. It also fits into the hollows of my cheeks perfectly. 

I combed through my brows then took the small angled brush and used it to apply my Seventeen Brow Kit. One thing I didn't like about the angled brush is it didn't pick up that much product meaning I had to go over my brows a few times however, some people may see that as a plus. I did love how the shape of the brush aided me in creating my desired brow shape. 

I wanted to keep my eyes simple and easy therefore I used the MUA Innocence Eye shadow Trio. All over the lid I applied the medium colour with the biggest shadow brush. This helped apply the colour evenly, fast and it blended it out softly. I took the pointy brush, which wasn't really a brush it was more of a solid sponge, and applied the darkest colour through my crease. This brush gave me more precision when applying the colour, it also gave it more of a smoky look. I used this brush also to apply that dark colour to the outer corner of the lower lash line. I added a little bit of the lightest colour to the small brush and patted that in my inner corner to open up my eyes. Also, I wanted to mention how much I love this shadow trio and I'd really recommend it, it is amazing quality for the price, easy for travelling and can create so many different looks. I can't find the trio on the website so I am unsure if the still do them but MUA do lots or palettes I also recommend checking out.

I applied two coats of  Maybelline Falsies to my top and bottom lashes. I do like this mascara however, it does smudge around a bit before it dries.

I love love love the fact the lip brush comes in a little container, it is so cool! I thought I'd go a little bit nude with lips today so I put on my MUA Lipstick in Shade 7. I'm not really a huge fan of lipstick brushes I only really use them for red lipstick but this one was really helpfully in creating a clean lip look. 

All in all I really loved this set. I contains a bit of everything and would be perfect for travelling. The hairs don't shed which gets a big thumbs up from me. They're soft, affordable and PINK so what more could you ask for?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. 
Have a fab day, Em xoxo.


  1. Very nice brush set! ^^
    You are very cute dear~ :)

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  2. Love the brushes <3


  3. I love the packaging ! They are super cheap too !


  4. So cute! The look fab!

  5. Ooh they look so cute, love the pink handles! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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