Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Jo Hansford Hair Masque Review + GIVEAWAY // CLOSED

I am such a fan of treating my hair and trying lots of different mask and serums on it to make it healthy. Due to my ombre my hair is damaged and I'm always trying to get it back to a healthy state. I received this lovely mask a few weeks ago and I was so eager to try it. I have only used it once so this is a first impression, I am going to try it out more and I will do an update on how it works!

When reading up on this product I saw it was dubbed 'the little pot of magic' by Jo Hansford's clientele and this filled me with a lot of confidence that this would be an incredible product. The packaging is such nice quality and for the £28 price tag I'd expect nothing less. It is a decent sized tub which makes up for the price and you only need to use the tiniest amount each time so you will get so much use out of it. The smell is a little fruity, but nothing too artificial or overpowering, it's also like that smell that hits you when you walk into a really lovely salon, it's a nice paste texture which is a lovely change from the normal liquid texture. Even though it is a paste it isn't overly thick and didn't weigh my hair down.

The way you use this mask is very straight forward, you wash your hair then towel dry it and after apply the mask all over your hair, I focused on my lower half as that's where my ombré is. I left it on 5 minutes like it recommended, next time I think I'll leave it on longer, when you start rinsing it from your hair you can automatically feel the results. While my hair was still wet I noticed it was so silky to touch. While blowing it dry I really noticed the salon smell which lasted in my hair for the whole day, not in an overwhelming annoying way in a lovely subtle refreshing way. After my hair was dry I noticed it was sitting really nicely and had a lot of body to it. Normally hair masks weigh my hair right down as it's so thin but this did not which was fabulous. I ran my fingers through my hair from route to tip and it all felt evenly smooth including the ombré section which it hasn't felt like in a long time. 

Can I say this 'little pot of magic' is magic? Right now I can say it felt really lovely in my hair the first time I used it. Also If I start using it more frequently I'm sure the amazing ingredients will start working wonders.

I do have an extra pot that HQhair (thehut) gave me to give to one of you laaaaavly people! To win it all you need to do is follow me on here and bloglovin (for extra brownie points you can follow me on Instagram @emmmairving), then comment below if you could steal any celebrity hair style who's would you want? I will announce the winner August 12th and email the winner :) 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pixi Palette Review

Recently I received my first ever Pixi product and I was so so excited to try it out as I always see people posting about this brand.

It was kind of love at first sight when I spotted the stunning packaging. The pastel green colour is right up my street so it was so refreshing to finally own a makeup product with pastel packaging. The packaging does not feel cheap at all, it's not a lightweight plastic it is thick and just feels nice quality.

The palette I got is in the colour 'Plum Quartz', which in itself sounds very majestic. The palette contains 6 colours which are a little twist on neutrals, some contain purple tones and others contain golden tones which are such a fun spin on basic colours. I read they are gemstone inspired tones and this completely sold me as I am a huge gemstone lover, they are very precious & gorgeous. Now for my opinion on the colours in action - 

For my first test I used the lightest gold colour with the 4th down golden brown as I thought they'd complement my eyes. I applied them with the applicator that comes in the palette and I noticed this did help avoid fallout, however I noticed not a lot of colour was applying to my lid so I switched the applicator for a brush. I thought the brush would really help make the colours more pigmented and apply better but in all honestly it didn't make much of a difference. The colours applied so faintly and didn't show up as well as I had hoped. I feel like I do always compare pigmentation to Naked 2 as it is just wonderful, so this palette did not have the same strength in the pigmentation department, I feel it is perfect for a really natural look and if you don't like strong eye shadow looks. I thought the second time I used it I'd try applying it with a wet brush and the results were fantastic. I used the same colours and a bit of the darkest one to deepen the crease up, they applied so much more pigmented and looked exactly like the way they do in the palette. 

*ps ignore the brows they badly need done*

Not only did the colours impress me the staying power also made me happy, they last all day without budging and did not crease once despite the hot weather!

To conclude, I really love this palette not only the packaging is lovely but so are the colours. It's a shame they aren't super pigmented but they can easily be built up. I think this is very much worth the £12 price tag and I cannot wait to try out more Pixi products!

Have a fab day,
-Emma, xxx

p.s keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway coming soon ;)

Friday, 18 July 2014

The Dreams Tag

I was completely inspired to try out this tag after watching Gabby's (VelvetGh0st) video recently, it seemed like so much fun!

- What are you currently day dreaming about?

Channing Tatum! After just seeing 22 Jump Street I fell in love with him all over again. The film is so so hilarious I found myself in tears at one point and still laugh thinking about it, Mr Tatum is just an added bonus. So yes I am day dreaming about him and also, going on holiday to somewhere stunning!

-What three items live in your dream wardrobe?

I'd have to say a Burberry Trench Coat as I think they are just such a classic coat that would never go out of fashion, a pastel Chanel bag because they're just so adorable and look amazing and finally these Mini Market Brogues they're all of my favourite colours and I need them in my life!

-Who's your dream celeb look-alike?

Nina Dobrev 100%, she is so gorgeous, classy and has the best wardrobe ever! 

- In your eyes, who's currently "living the dream"? 
Celeb wise I'd have to say the Kardashians because that whole family is stunning and they certainly look like they're living the dream. Also, Nina Dobrev again because I mean part of her job is kissing Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder ;). In general but anyone who has an amazing career that they enjoy is living the dream in my eyes.

- What do you dream of more; love or money?
Hmm love? But maybe I could just fall in love with someone with lots of money hahah.

- Your dream holiday escape?

It would have to be Greece or Italy, they both look incredibly picturesque. I would love to go explore them and take lots of Instagram pictures!

- Who's your dream Youtube collab?
I don't make Youtube videos but I would love to meet and hang out with BeautyCrush (Sammi) she seems so chill, friendly and has the best style ever!

- Did your childhood dreams ever come true?
I'm a bit too young to say but as a child I wanted to be a spy, so I'd have to say no, but there's always time right?! haha

- If one of your dreams could come true right now, what would it be?
Oh I would love to design and run my own coffee shop, I have lots of ideas for that, it is a big ambition of mine.

Hope you all enjoyed this tag, make sure you check out Gabby's video and let me know if you try it out yourself!
-Emma, xxx

Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer Nails

Hiyaaa nail art post long time no see! Since I've started working in a cafe I can't wear nail varnish which is a shame considering I use to wear it every day :( This nail 'art' isn't really that fancy it's just nice colours with an easy design on the ring finger.

1. Miss Sporty - Popcorn
2. Sinful Colours - Snow Me White 
3. Sinful Colours - 24/7
4. Barry M Gelly - Green Berry
5. Sinful Colours - Purple Diamond 
6. MUA - Lush Lilac (I put this down as a base for number 5)

On the white nail I used a pen, yes a pen, to create small triangles with each of the above colours and I also used a some silver by Sinful Colours in Queen of Beauty. 

And of course I was watching Teen Wolf while painting my nails, I love this show so so much, Stiles is the most perfect guy ever. I got the little pastel green ombre mug from Asda and the Starbucks cookies & cream frapp is so yummy!

Sorry this wasn't the most interesting nail art post but maybe it might inspire you to create something similar!
Hope you're having an amazing summer :)

-Emma, xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

July Wishlist


Summer is my favourite season to shop for because you can totally express your personal style a lot easier I find than in winter. I haven't posted a wishlist in ages so I thought I'd make one showing you guys what kind of things I'd wear in summer and what kind of things I wish to own.

Mirrored Skirt - This is such a cool and unique skirt that could easily be dressed up or down. I could see me wearing it with a pastel top, like a baby blue crop top. It would look so nice during the summer time but, random thought, do you think the sun would reflect off it and hurt peoples eye or am I just being silly?? hahah

Bodysuit - One of the main reasons I love Miss Guided is because their pieces can be so inexpensive this bodysuit is an example of that. I know people would pay lots of money for a similar item from Topshop or Nasty Gal. I think this would look adorable with a cute pair of denim shorts and it could even be more evening appropriate with a maxi skirt. Personally, I would wear it with these chiffon trousers from American Apparel.

Riding Pants - I've been wanting a pair of these for the longest time but I'm not sure if I can part with £64 for a pair of trousers what do you guys think, worth it or not? I love the above colour or the pink cheeks shade. I can already picture how I'd style them, I'm thinking a denim jacket with a white crop top ahhhh!! Is there anywhere out there that does dupes or am I better investing in the real thing?

Pink Skirt - I have wanted a skirt like this ever since watching Niomi Smart's most recent haul where she featured a similar skirt. This is such an adorable skirt that I really want to own! The way the model is wearing it with a white top is exactly how I would style it.

#OOTD Top - I am 100% buying this top as it is so cute and quirky. I think I'll buy one with black writing as it will go with more outfits. Also it you're after fun t-shirts check out this etsy seller (not sponsored to say that I just had so much fun looking at their items)

Pinafore - This is such a steal at £8!! Unfortunately my size isn't in stock or I'd have already bought this. Can you picture how cute it would look with a pastel pink crop to under it? 

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what is on your July Wishlist!

Have a fab day!
-Emma, xxx

Monday, 7 July 2014

Thinking Out Loud

Foundation - Max Factor Face Finity (Fave foundation ever)
Concealer - Seventeen Stay Time

Outer corner of eye - MUA '11'
Inner Corner - 'Suspect' Naked 2
Along lash line - Rimmel Gel Liner 
Tide Line and Waterline - Revlon ColorStay
Mascara - They're Real and Bad Gal by Benefit

Lips - Posie Tint from Benefit *it's probably not meant for lips hahah*

Top // Miss Guided // Skirt // Miss Guided // Socks // Topshop // Shoes // Ebay

I love love love this outfit, the skirt is so me! The shoes were so inexpensive from eBay and I am in love with them, I think wearing the frilly socks with them is such a cute add on.

Hope you guys had a fabbbbb weekend!! Leave me your Instagrams in the comments so I can go check you guys out, mines is @emmmairving :)

-Emma, xxx

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