Friday, 29 August 2014

August Glossybox 2014

I always look forward to receiving Glossybox because it's a complete surprise and you have no idea what it's going to have in it!

I said in my previous haul on my Youtube (Masquerade Belle) that I'm on the hunt to try out lots of new mascaras so you can imagine my excitement when I saw this inexpensive mascara in my box. First off I love that the packaging is pink, however, the packaging doesn't feel the most amazing quality but for the price I can't complain. I have already tried it out and I'm loving it, the above picture is with two coats and I think the formula is perfect it's not too watery but it's not overly thick that it clumps. The brush is also very similar to the Benefit They're Real which is really cool. My first impressions are that this is such a fab mascara for the price and I recommend it to anyone on the hunt for a inexpensive but good mascara!

"Originally created specifically for Audrey Hepburn" now that's how you know a product is going to be fabulous! This is a 40ml sample size so works out at about £6 which is an amazing sample size. There is something about this simple, plain white packaging with the pop of pink text that I love, I feel like if I was to design packaging I'd do something similar. This product doesn't have a distinct scent at all which is quite rare to find in a hair product but I strangely love the fact it's not scented, I find sometimes scented hair products clash with the shampoo scent. I've yet to try this but I shall let you know what I think.

Now one thing I believe is you can never have too many hand creams. The packaging on this one stood out to me the most it's so pretty and eye catching. This product is 20ml so works out at £1.70 for this sample, it is such a good handbag size and it has found it's new home in mine. It is a mango scent which is super summery but it is no overly artificial smelling or over powering. The consistency is not too thick but it absorbs fast and isn't greasy in the slightest which is incredibly because I don't think anyone enjoys greasy hand creams.

Yves Rocher - Birthday Bonus - £3.60 // 3ml

Love getting little bonuses in Glossybox and I'm so glad to see it's by this brand, I've tried the Sexy Plump mascara from this company and I've been eager to try more out. This is such a cute tiny little bottle and the colour it contains is even cuter a beautiful dusty pink. The polish applies really evenly and only take seconds to dry and I also only needed two coats as it was so opaque. I am greatly impressed with this product.

Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter Cashmere - £12.95

I must admit I thought this was a Benefit product at first because of the logo on the lid but I soon read the the leaflet and felt silly because I should have realised it was the Glossybox logo haha. I love trying out new highlighters and I've never owned one as creamy and silky as this one. I used this product on the top of my cheek bones and on my cupids bow and I was super impressed, it dries fast but remains glowing and shiny. It is a beautiful sheen but contains no glitters in it like some highlighters do. It catches the light so perfectly and subtly. 

Lalique - £67 // 50ml

'A love potion for absolute seduction' UGH I love that line, I find it so satisfying when perfumes are described as potions I have no clue why. The perfumer contains rosebuds and normally I hate floral perfumes but there is something different about this one because it is not overly floral it has quite a musky tone to it. It is a very glamorous and mature perfume.


  1. I really like the highlighter, it's super pretty <3 xx

  2. I love that mascara! It is one of the best I have tried, especially for such a low price point!
    Summer x


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